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Finish the following dialogue(8)
Mohamed : What's your memory like?
Hassan : ----- (1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Mohamed : Are you good at remembering numbers?
Hassan : ----- (2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Mohamed : Can you remember people's names easily?
Hassan : ----- (3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Mohamed : Are you any good at maths?
Hassan : ----- (4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Finish the following dialogue(8)
Ola :Oh no, we haven't got any bread.
Ashraf: ----------------- ( 1) -----------------------------
Ola : Thanks. Could you also buy some potatoes?
Ashraf : ----------------- (2) -------------------------------.
Ola :Oh yes, I didn't see those. Have you got enough money for the bread?
Ashraf: ------------------ (3) -------------------------------------.
Ola :Which shop are you going to go to?
Ashraf: ------------------ (4) ---------------------------------------.
Finish the following dialogue(8)
Jane : I feel really tired. What do you suggest?
Sarah : ---------------- (1) ---------------------------------------.
Jane :If I do that, I wake up too early,
Sarah : ---------------- (2) ----------------------------------------.
Jane :I've tried that and I can't. Once I'm awake, I can't sleep again.
Sarah : ---------------- (3) -----------------------------------------.
Jane :But I always do my homework when I get back from school.
Sarah : -- --------------(4)--------------------------------------------.
Jane :OK, I'll try your suggestion.
Finish the following dialogue(8)
Ahmed and Walid meet for the first time on a train. They introduce themselves to each other.
Walid : Hi, I’m Walid. I’m from Cairo-------------—(1)----------------------?
Ahmed : Ahmed, and I’m from Alexandria.
Walid : ------------------------ (2) ---------------------------------?
Ahmed : I’m nearly nineteen.
Walid : ------------------------ ( 3 ) -------------------------------- ?
Ahmed : I’m a student at the university
Walid : ------------------------ ( 4 ) --------------------------------- ?
Ahmed : I’d like to be a teacher.
Finish the following dialogue(8)
Amir is telling his teacher about one of his close friends.
Teacher: Hello, Amir. Do you have any close friends?
Amir : ---------------------------------- (1) ---------------------------------------------.
Teacher: How long have you known him?
Amir : ----------------------------------- (2) ---------------------------------------------.
Teacher: I see. What do you do together?
Amir : ----------------------------------- (3) ----------------------------------------------.
Teacher : ---------------------------------- (4) --------------------------------------------- ?
Amir : No, I’m good at Math. He’s good at science.

2. Write what you would say in each of the following situations:(8 Marks)
1- You met a tourist at the pyramids; you asked him about his visit to Egypt.
2- Your brother played much and did badly in his English exam. You blame him.
3- A passerby wants to go to the train station. You give him directions.
4- You want to buy a new T-shirt. You ask the salesman for the price.
5- The sky has suddenly gone very dark. Someone asks you what you think about
the weather in the near future. What do you say?
6- You have just read The Old Man and the Sea. Someone asks your opinion about
the story. What do you say?
7- A friend asks about your holiday plans for next summer. Your plan is to spend a
month in Turkey. What do you say to your friend?
8- Someone asks about your age on your next birthday. What do you say?
9- You are going to have lunch with your young brother. He has been playing
Outside. You look at his hands. What do you say to him? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10- Your uncle is going on holiday in Britain. You want to remind him which side
of the road to drive on while he's there. What do you say?
11- You hear some people criticizing a friend's homework. You think the
homework is quite good. What do you say?
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-You have just told your friend something that is untrue. Now you feel ashamed.
What do you say to him or her?
13- A friend of yours asks you what you know about Neil Armstrong.

14 -Your friend asks for some advice on how to study.
15 -You are invited to dinner at a big restaurant, but you refuse the invitation politely.
16 -Your sister asks you what you think of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist.
17- Your cousin wants to know if you have any pen friends and how you communicate with them.
18 -Your grandfather admires Abu-Heif. You want to know why.
19 -Your sister wants to know what you are going to do at the weekend.
20 -Your friend is ill and needs to see a doctor.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21- A friend raises chickens and wants to know how to prevent getting bird flu.
22- You are visiting someone in hospital when you see another visitor smoking.
23- One of your friends is getting too fat . He is asking for your advise.
24- Suggest to your little brother some activities that are more useful than watching T.V
3. Choose the correct answer from a.b.c or d: (5 Marks)
1. My brother---------------- a lot of money from his job as a pilot.
a-pays b-earns c-costs d-gives
2. Before his shows start, the man---------------- himself to everyone who comes in.
a-says b-introduces c-names d-remembers
3. If I---------------- a camera. I would take a photo of the family party.
a- had b- have c- has d- would have
4. If you ---------------- very fast. you'll catch your train.
a-ran b-running c-runs d-run
5. My brother---------------- a goal in a school football match yesterday.
a-played b-scored c-won d-received
6. If I felt tired. I'd go to bed ----------------
a-early b-today c-later d-before
7. Someone who studies soil and rocks is called a----------------
a- biologist b- astronaut c- geologist d- pilot
8. Someone who writes for a newspaper is called a----------------
a- journalist b- novelist c- teacher d- biologist
9. Neil Armstrong---------------- on the moon in 1968.
a-walk b-walks c-walked d-walking
10.While he ---------------- As a journalist, Charles Dickens wrote magazine stories.
a- works b- working c- is working d- was working
11-My uncle lived in Australia---------------- three years.
a-since b-ago c-for d-during
12- I---------------- never travelled outside my country.
a- has b- have c- am d- was
13- A professional---------------- helped Abu-Heifto become a famous swimmer.
a- trainer b- train c- training d- trains
14-1 couldn't run any farther because I was completely----------------
a- tired b- exhausting c- tiring d- exhausted
15- The Old Man and the Sea is shorter---------------- A Farewell to Arms.
a-than b-as c-that d-to
16- To many people, The Old Man and the Sea is Hemingway's---------------- novel.
a-good b-best c-better d-well
17- Some people think that Dickens is the---------------- important English novelist.
a-most b-more c-very d-much
18- Mr and Mrs Mohamed are---------------- and wife.
a- son b- father c- brother d- husband
19-Our---------------- fill with air when we breathe.
a-ears b-eyes c-lungs d-hands
20- It took the taxi two hours to reach the station because of the---------------- jam.
a- car b- traffic c- vehicle d- accident
21- If my watch ---------------- been right. I wouldn't have been late.
a- has b- had c- hasn't d- hadn't
22- You have an important test at school next week. You should--------- revising now.
a-start b-starting c-started d-to start
23- My grandfather has promised---------------- smoking next week.
a-stop b-stopping c-stopped d-to stop
24- Can I ---------------- a suggestion? Why don't we go shopping tomorrow?
a-make b-get c-do d-play
25- Have you heard? There's a new---------------- of bird flu in China.
a- breakout b- infection c- outbreak d- disease
26- If we hadn't gone to Spain , we ------------------ have met Jorge and his family.
a-wouldn't b-didn't c-haven't d-can'
27- ---------------- is very important in a hospital.
a- Clean b- Cleanliness c- Cleaned d- Cleans
28-This is an easy question! The answer is----------------
a- done b- made c- public d- obvious
29- My brother---------------- an infection while he was on holiday.
a- caught b- did c- found d- picked
30- If you eat too many sweets, you'll---------------- weight.
a- put b- put on c- put away d- put down
31- Charles Dickens---------------- in the south of England.
a bear b was born c born d is born
32- “Dangerous” is the opposite of----------------
a sad b serious c scared d safe
33- The smallest parts of animals and plants are called----------------
a hearts b cells c brains d pieces
34- If you do exercise regularly, you won’t---------------- weight.
a put off b put away c put on d put down
35- You should avoid ---------------- friends with such bad people.
a to make b make c making d to making
36 -If my pen friend---------------- from Italy, I’ll show him around Cairo.
a come b comes c is coming d came
37 -They left for Rome after they ---------------- some business in London.
a do b had done c would do d were doing
38- An ---------------- is someone with special skills or knowledge of a subject.
a accountant b electrician c expert d academic
39- ---------------- Dickens was twelve, he went to work in an office.
a While b When c During d As
40- Thieves and other criminals are usually punished by being sent to----------------
a prison b a gang c a workhouse d a hospital
41 -Salma ---------------- in Tanta since 2004.
a- lives b- lived c- is living d- has lived
42- Mona is ---------------- than Noha.
a -as clever b- cleverer c- the cleverest d -the more clever
43- He has worked in this school ---------------- more than twenty years.
a-since b-in c-for d-at
44-If you want to learn a skill, you can become --------- and learn from your skilled employer.
a -a hero b -a trainer c- an assistant d -an apprentice
45-Noha was---- after she cleaned the house all day. She slept for 12 hours after that.
a- absolutely exhausted b- absolutely tired
c- very exhausted d- not tired
46- Mr Smith lived in Egypt from 1997 until 2007, this means that----------------
a -he has lived in Egypt for 10 years. B- he has lived in Egypt since 10 years.
c- he lived in Egypt for 10 years. D- he lived in Egypt since 10 years.
47 -Big cities are often crowded and have air----------------
a -environment b –condensation c- traffic d- pollution
48- In 1953. Abu-Heif was the first to cross the English Channel in 13 hours and 45 minutes. He ---------------- the record.
a-cut b-broke c-hit d-did
49 -Athletes must work with a good ---------------- to perform well.
a- training b- train c -trainer d- trainee
50 -Today, car engines burn petrol more---------------- than in the past.
a –successfully b- efficiently c –quickly d -carefully
4.Read the text below, then write the word which best fits each space:(3)
Everyone knows Hossam Hassan. He is one of the best Egyptian football -- (1) -------------- of all time. He has scored more-- (2) ------------ than any other Egyptian footballer. Hossam was -- (3) -----------------in Cairo in 1966. He started playing for AI-Ahly, but he has played for other famous-- (4) ----------------He has played in Switzerland and other -- (5) --------------- Hossam's brother also played over 100-- (6) --------------- for the Egyptian national team, but is now retired.
One day. There will be no oil left. Everyone – (1) --------------- that, but more and more-- (2) ------------- are traveling by plane. This is because-- (3) ---------------- travel is cheaper than ever before. It is sometimes cheaper to -- (4) ---------------- to another country than to travel a hundred kilometres on a train. As well as using fuel, planes produce air -- (5) ----- We can't stop air travel, but we should-- (6) ---------- carefully before we decide to fly.
Nabawiya Musa is a famous Egyptian. She was the first Egyptian -- (1) ---------to join secondary school. She played an-- (2) ---------------- part in girls’ education. She helped women to learn and-- (3) --------------jobs. She wrote a famous--- (4) ---------------------------- about girls’ education in 1908. She also became the -- (5) -------------------------of a girls’ school in Cairo. She really loved Egypt very much and helped Egyptian girls -- (6) -------------------- in education and work.

Lili is a fifteen-year-old Chinese girl. She lives in the –(1)---------------- city of China, Beijing. She is still at school, so she lives with her—(2)--------------- in a flat in Beijing. Her first –(3)------------ is Mandarin, which is the most—(4)------------- language in the world. She loves—(5)-------------- especially table tennis and basketball. She has never –(6)--------------- outside China, but she hopes to visit Europe one day.

 Abu- Heif, Crocodile of the Nile, broke the record for crossing the English Channel- by crossing in 13 hours and 45 minutes. In 2006, he went into .....(1)........ because he had a weak heart. In the past,....(2).... and other important .....(3)...... wanted to meet him. Many people do not even know his ......(4)....... We should make sure that people do not forget .....(5)..... from the past. Abu-Heif .... (6).... in April 2008

Dr El-Baz is the world's greatest expert in remote sensing. He used remote ....(1)..... to find water under deserts. .....(2)..... water was found under the Western Desert and Sinai, thanks to the .......(3)...... which he took from satellites. From 1967 to 1973, he worked on the American Apollo Space ....(4).... He gave ...(5)... on where the astronauts should land and told them how to collect ...(6).... and soil on the moon

The human brain is more complex than the most powerful computer. With it, you can see and smell flowers, remember holidays, feel .....(1)..... and, hear your favourite...(2)........voice. Your brain receives ....(3)... from your ....(4)...., analyses sends messages back. Your brain also stores past memories and this makes .....(5)..... and remembering possible. At the same time, your brain controls your breathing, your heart, your body .....(6)....... and your digestion.

Cleanliness is extremely important in protecting us from infections. .................... (your own cleanliness) and .......... (public cleanliness) are both important. ................. can pass from one child's hands to another if children do not wash hands often. That is why you should always wash your hands before a ............ and right after you come home. You should ............. more often in hot weather or if you have been exercising. Never leave pieces of food lying around because they ............ flies.
1- Hygiene 2- sanitation 3- germs 4- meal 5- bathe 6- attractيجذب
If you need to make water safe to drink, this is what to do. Start by filling a kettle with ......(1)..... from the cold tap. Next. ........(2). the water in the kettle until it boils. It should boil for four ....(3)........ After that. leave the water to ....(4)....then put it into a jug. Put the jug in the ....(5)... to get it really cold. Finally, you can .....(6)...... the water.
1 – water 2- heat 3 – minutes 4- cool 5– fridge 6- drink

7)- 1- Write paragraph of seven (7) sentences about -----------:(7)

1-A famous Egyptian( a person you admire most) (a man you respect)
مصرى مشهور – شخص معجب به كثيرا- شخص تحترمه
I like Abu Heif most . He is very famous. He is a good example of success. He was born in Alex . He was a famous swimmer. He was a national hero .He won a lot of prizes جوائز He is generous كريم .Egypt is proud of him فخور. He crossed the English channel.

2- one of your good friends صديق مفضل
Ali is one of my good friends . He is 16 years old . He is tall and slim . He is clever . He is a student in first year secondary school . He lives in Alex . His father is a doctor . His mother is a teacher . He likes football . We play together. I like him much .

3-What people can do in your town to help the environment?(Pollution )
كيف نساعد البيئة (مشكلة التلوث )
Pollution is a big problem . It is very dangerous .It affects يوثرbadly on the environment البيئة . It hinder تعوق progress .. Air pollution damage our health . We should protect the environment .We should keep it clean . We should plant a lot of trees . We should reduce نقللthe use of our cars. We shouldn't throw rubbish in the streets .

4-bird flu انفلونزا الطيور
It is very important to talk about bird flu . It is a very dangerous disease مرض . It is infectious معدى . It started in china . It started in 2003 . It infects people birds , people and cats . We shouldn't be near infected birds الطيور المصابه. We should always wash our hands . Infected people should see a doctor .

5- cleanliness النظافة ( What people should do to prevent illness )
It is very important to talk about cleanliness. It consist of تتكون من hygiene and sanitation . Cleanliness protect us from diseases .We should keep our environment clean . We should wash our hands before and after a meal .We should bathe everyday . We should cover our food . We shouldn't eat food that smells bad . We should boil tap water مياه الحنفية before drinking it . We shouldn't eat food from bad tins علب.

6- for or against public transport هل مع ام ضد المواصلات العامة
It is very important to talk about public transport . A lot of people use it . Other don't use it . Trains and buses are kinds of public transport .It has some advantages . It is cheap . It causes less( reduce يقلل ( pollution . It has some disadvantages . It is slow . It is dirty . It is always overcrowded مزدحم. It is uncomfortable غير مريح .

2-Write a letter to your cousin:
Your cousin Wessam has asked you for advice on how to study English vocabulary. Write your reply to your cousin. Your name is Reda and you live at 12 , El Nasr street , Alexandria.

The e-mailالرسالة الاكترونية
From بريدك الاكترونى - اسمك
To بريد المرسل اليه - اسم المرسل اليه
About الموضوع

Dear اسم المرسل اليه ,
How are you ? I hope you are fine . …………………………………………………. …………………………………………الموضوع…………………………………………………………………………………….
Best wishes

8 ) -The Novel(7)
An Artist's Story
1-Who did Augustus Pokewhistle think the stranger who visited him was?
 A doctor
2- How does Augustus describe his friends ?
 He describes them as interfering persons
3-Why do you think Augustus 's business as painter of people didn't do well ?
Because he painted only his face. He didn't sell any painting.
4-Why does Augustus describe trying to sell his drawings to the newspaper as "selling his soul" ?
Because it isn't true art . It is against his principles .ضد مبادئه 
5-Why did Augustus get bottles and wool in the post ?
Because he drew for advertisements.
6-Do you think that Augustus has a good reason for never rising from his bed
 No , because he should try to improve himself . He should try again and again .
7-Why did Augustus Pokewhistle take to bed?
 Because he became hopeless لانه اصبح يائس
8- Why is the man from the furniture shop certain that Augustus will rise again from his bed?
Because he came to take the bed .
9- Why did Augustus Pokewhistle's parents encourage their son to draw?
 Because he won a prize. لانه فاز بجائزة

B-Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
From "An Artist's Story": "I've come to take it away."
1- Who said this to whom?  The stranger.
2- Where was the speaker at that time?  On his bed – in his bedroom .
3- What does "it" refer to here? The bed .
1- " I am an artist . I paint pictures and draw drawings . "
2-" Although it may be seem impossible, I couldn't no longer get any pleasure out of it ."
3- " And I feel certain that you will . "
4- "So I give up struggle . my heart was broken ."

I Never Forget a Face
1- Why did the writer's wife think he ought to be a reporter for the newspaper ?
 Because he would remember the famous persons who went to the cinemas .
2-How did the writer's trouble with names put him in difficulties from time to time ?
 He lost a lot of business .
3- What is the attitude of some of the villagers towards the newcomers to the village ?
 The were unfriendly .
4-How did the writer account علل for his lack of success عدم نجاحهin getting the stranger to talk ?
 He said the stranger was tired .
5-Why did the writer suspect شك that the stranger on the train didn't own a car ?
 Because he thought he lived in the small houses.
6- Does the writer like living in Bradfield? What reasons he give?
Yes, because there was a lot of country in Bradfield.
7-How long does it take to travel on the train between Ellingham and Bardfield ?
Ten and a half minutes.
8-Why did the writer give the stranger a ride in his car?
Why did the writer offer to give John a lift to his house?
 Because the weather was bad .
9- Why did the writer go to Bardfield police station?
To report about a robbery ليبلغ عن سرقه.
10-What sort of memory did the writer have?
 He never forgets a face but he forgets names.

B- Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
From "I Never Forget a Face": "Of course, as soon as I got there I remembered who the man was."
1 Who is the man that the writer remembered? The stranger – John .
2 What does "there" refer to? The police station. .
3 What happened to the writer before he went to that place?
The stranger hit him on his head and stole him سرقه. .

1-" My memory for faces helps me a lot "
2-"It is only human nature ."

9. A-Translate into Arabic: (2 Marks)
1-The Egyptian National Football team has achieved a historic victory winning the African Cup of Nation for the fifth time.
حقق المنتخب المصرى لكرة القدم نصرا تاريخيا بفوزه للمرة الخامسة بكأس امم افريقيا
2-There is no doubt that pollution has its bad effects on environment whether man, animal or plant.
مما لاشك فيه أن للتلوث اثار خطيرة على البيئة سواء كان ذلك للانسان او الحيوان او النبات
3- Birds' flu infection results from direct contact with infected poultry.
تنشأ الاصابة بانفلونزا الطيور من الاتصال المباشر مع الدواجن المصابة
4- Swine flu is an international disease we overcome it by cleanliness.
يعد مرض انفلونزا الخنازير مرض عالمى نتغلب عليه بالنظافه
5- A person's character is usually influenced by his friends.
عادة ما تتاثر شخصية المرء باصدقائه
6-Nurses should be patient and kind-hearted to look after their patients.
يحب على الممرضات ان يكن صبورين وطيبى القلب ليعتنوا بمرضاءهم
7- A farewell to Arms is Hemingway's most successful novel.
"وداعا للاسلحة " انجح قصة للكاتب همنجوى
8- Some people are against using buses and trains because they are uncomfortable and overcrowded. بعض الناس ضد استخدام الاتوبيسات والقطارات لانهم غير مريحينومزدحمين
9- Visitors from all over the world come to see buildings from the time of the ancient Egyptians, especially the Pyramids.
ياتى الزوار من جميع انحاء العالم المبانى المصرية القديمة وبخاصة الاهرامات
10- Ramy Ashour is a famous Egyptian squash player.
رامى عاشور لاعب اسكواش مصريا مشهور
11- Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon
يعتبر نيل ارمسترونج اول من يخطو عل القمر
12-Mohammed thinks the human brain is incredible. يعتقد محمد ان المخ البشرى لا يصدق
13-Do you brush your teeth after every meal? هل تنظف اسنانك بالفرشاه كل وجبه
14-The Arabs had a great civilization in the past. لقد كان العرب اصحاب حضارة قديمة فى الماضى
Translate into English(2)
1)- تفخر مصر دائما بالشخصيات الرياضية البارزة امثال عبد اللطيف ابو هيف
Egypt is proud of famous sports character as Abu Heif.
2)- الدكتور زاهى حواس عالم آثار مشهور .
Dr Zahi Hawas is a famous archeologist
3)- لقد حققنا الكثير من التقدم فى بعض المحلات .
We have made a lot of progress in some areas.
4)- هل تاكل طعاما صحيا كل يوم ؟
Do you eat health food every day?
كنت ضمن المشاركين فى المؤتمر الاسبوع الماضى. (5
I was one of the participants in the conference last week.
6)- هل يمكنك التعامل مع التكنولوجيا الحديثه ؟
Can you deal with modern technology?


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